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Howard Dinits is not just a Realtor -- Jun 2014

Howard Dinits is not just a Realtor¬† . . . Howard Dinits is not just a Realtor he is a sincere caring person. I purchased two homes and lot from Mr. Dinits, and sold one lot through him. We looked at numerous properties before I finally signed a contract. He always had my best interest in his heart and did everything that he could to insure that I acquired what I was looking for and needed. Howard is a real down to earth person who always has his client’s best interest in mind. In looking at numerous properties we would always discuss the pros and cons of each property. I remember one home where he noticed a crack in the outside of the foundation and did not hesitate to point it out to me. Needless to say I did not purchase that house. I have been working with Howard on and off for six years now. I have referred him to friends and he has always taken good care of them. Before I met Howard I had purchased four other properties from four different realtors and I never returned to any of them. None of them possessed the level of care and integrity manifest in Howard. He knows the areas and the values extremely well. When I have a question about Real Estate I always go to Howard first, and rarely do I need or seek a second opinion. In every field there are Leaders and followers. Howard Dinits is a Leader of the First Caliber. One can never go wrong with a True Winner like Howard. Sincerely, Peary G. Wagner President and CEO Wagner Properties and Design