2012-05-13_11-50-21_441Welcome to LuxuryMauiHomes.net !

My name is Howard Dinits and I love to shop and share and I am here to help.  Whether purchasing a spilt air system, new car, luxury vacation residence, or a sprawling estate I know to research to find what will best fit my needs, budget, and lifestyle goals. My Clients appreciate my superior service that is information rich from real estate classes, personal research, and from “street smarts” earned from life experience as a top sales agent, real estate investor, real estate developer, and former mortgage broker.  I know how to write contracts that are clean and get accepted. My peers like when I show their properties and bring them an offer because they know I work to overcome any obstacles during escrow and get transactions closed. Closing fifty or more deals a year has given me invaluable experience and expertise you will not find in the average realtor.  I truly believe knowledge is power, and when I am helping clients I am upfront and candid about the positives and negatives about a neighborhood, property, loan program, whatever so they can make an informed decision.

I was born in San Mateo, California at Mills Hospital. I grew up an only child, raised by my mother after my parents divorced when I was just a toddler. I grew up in the San Francisco Bay Area. I went to San Mateo High school and College in Santa Rosa and San Mateo and studied small business management, real estate finance and marketing. In the early nineties I earned a California Real Estate license to work as a mortgage broker and help people with refinancing loans.  When the rates changed I found work elsewhere eventually working at a mail order catalog shipping to Japan. Always an early adopter of technology, I thought the company should have a website on the burgeoning internet instead of printing wasteful catalogs often filled with items that were discontinued. Taking what I learned from that experience I open an online store in the late nineties that was very successful. I did my own photography, website design, naming and marketing of products. Taking the profits from one Christmas Season and I bought my first house in Hawaii and moved to the Big Island in 2002. As a real estate investor I saw first-hand what Realtors could do better to help Buyers and Sellers. When I got my Hawaii real estate license in 2005, I vowed to do better. My first year in real estate, I was named rookie of the year at RE/MAX Properties and was the top selling agent in my office. I was consistently the top selling agent , averaging fifty or more closed transactions a year. In 2007 I was able to purchase a home on Maui and moved to Kihei in early 2008. I worked for 2 other RE/MAX offices until 2013 when I opened my own brokerage Dinits Realty.